Robinson & Associates, PLLC and its principal, James P.  Robinson, III, have developed a practice providing comprehensive legal representation to businesses and entrepreneurs for issues related to business & commercial law, insurance disputes, and international law. These core competencies have developed as a result of a high volume and extensive range of transactional and litigation casework, a genuine interest in the success of every client’s business, rigorous continuing education and association involvement, and a dedicated focus on business, corporate, and entrepreneurial clients.
Effective Business & Commercial Representation –  Your Lawyer for the Long-Term
Robinson & Associates and Jim Robinson, personally, are retained by many of their clients as general counsel and business adviser on an ongoing basis.  This is, in fact,  an arena in which Jim and the firm excel.  “We approach every engagement as the beginning of a long-term relationship.  Our long-term client relationships put us in a position to understand our clients needs, opportunities and risks better, so that we can more effectively help them recognize and capitalize on opportunities for growth and minimize areas of otherwise unrecognized risk.  The success of every client is our success.”  Many of the firm’s clients are either international businesses or domestic businesses operating internationally, areas in which Jim Robinson and the firm have particular expertise and experience.  Just like business, law is always moving and changing and developing to meet new challenges and opportunities.  Therefore, we place great emphasis on emerging areas of law, such as Cyberspace Law, which require rigorous and continuous learning and innovative thinking.  As the cutting edges of commerce, these areas of law and business are the leaders of future growth and the global expansion of business.  Businesses and businesspeople seeking well-rounded and talented legal and business counsel  need look no further.

South Texas Roots, Located in San Antonio, Practicing Globally

Robinson & Associates maintains a principal office in San Antonio, Texas and a satellite office in London, England. It also maintains strategic relationships with attorneys and other professionals throughout the country and around the world. Further, Robinson & Associates has the facilities in place to create a temporary office in almost any major city in the world as and when needed. Jim Robinson’s practice leads him wherever his clients need him. He has advised clients, negotiated business deals, overseen litigation and appeared in Court on behalf of clients throughout Texas, in most major markets in the United States, in London and the Channel Islands, in the Caribbean and elsewhere.

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